Cordless Phone Batteries

Cordless phone Batteries

Cordless phone batteries that give better performance including longer talk time. Low prices easy secure ordering and fast delivery.

Here you can replace the standard rechargeable cordless phone batteries with our high performance rechargeable cordless telephone batteries. GMK Batteries have provided the best quality cordless phone batteries since 1992. Get phone batteries that exceed the original batteries performance at the lowest prices. All credit cards and PayPalWe are based in Shropshire in the UK ensuring great customer service and fast delivery. We are PCI compliant.

Cordless Phone Battery Advice

Tip 1: For AAA choose the capacity in (mAh) closest to the original AAA cells. Tip 2: Click on menu item for more detail including images or hover over the menu item for fast text. Tip 3: BT recommend replacing your cordless telephone rechargeable batteries every 12 months or when they are not holding charge. Infapower Batteries

Why do I need to replace my cordless rechargeable telephone batteries?

You will need to replace your telephone batteries because over a time the capacity of the batteries in your telephone handset will reduce as the number of charge cycles increases. You will notice the talk time getting shorter until eventually you will only be able to make short calls.

After you receive your new batteries it is important to charge them correctly. To do this open the battery compartment on the handset or handsets and look at the way the existing batteries are fitted.This is important as you must fit the new batteries the same way round.

This is also referred to as observing the polarity. Then remove the old batteries or battery and fit the new ones. Then place the handset on the base unit or satellite charging unit and leave to charge for 24 hours. You can make emergency calls after a few minutes . If you have multiple handsets you can leave one in general use wile you charge the others.

Then after the charge period you can use your cordless phone normally. It will take 3 to 4 charge cycles for the new cells to reach maximum capacity. For more on this and other relevant subjects please see the information section above.

Great Brands of Cordless Phone Battery

GMK Cordless Telephone Batteries
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We offer the leading brands of replacement cordless phone rechargeable batteries from GMK and Infapower. We stock high quality replacement NiMh rechargeable telephone batteries for all makes of cordless phone. You can use the cross reference Find By MAKE And Model or the Triple A Menu to find your AAA batteries.

GMK Cordless Phone Batteries Service

Orders are dispatched first class Royal Mail. In addition, all the cordless phone battery packs and cordless phone batteries that we supply have a one to three year warranty please see our Secure site by TrustwaveShipping & Terms. Also we dispatch batteries up to 5.10 pm Monday to Friday and have a great 30 day money back guarantee. We provide excellent customer service, please see what customers say on the comments page.