Cordless Phone Batteries

Buy replacement rechargeable cordless phone batteries here in the UK with a 2 year warranty and fast delivery from 98p.

After you fit your new batteries and charge them for 24 hours you can be confident that your phone will give you greatCordless Phone Battery service. 

How often should I replace the batteries in my phone handset?

You will need to replace your telephone handset batteries over time because the capacity of the batteries will reduce as the number of charge discharge cycles increases. 500 to 1000 cycles is typical depending on the quality of the batteries and the style of use. Over time you will notice the talk time getting shorter until eventually you will only be able to make short calls. Phone batteries will have to be replaced on average every 2 years with normal use. For more information please see our guides.

When you receive your new rechargeable batteries it is important to charge them correctly. Fit them in the handset the correct way round, observing the polarity. Then place the handset on the base unit and leave to charge for 24 hours. If you have multiple handsets you can leave one in general use while you charge the other handsets.

Then after the charge period you can use your cordless phone normally. It will take 3 to 4 charge cycles for the new cells to reach maximum capacity.

Can I use any rechargeable battery in my cordless phone handset?

When you are replacing NiMH rechargeable cordless telephone batteries, it is important to know that you are buying the correct product and not an incompatible product designed for a different purpose.

All common sense precautions should be observed. Especially relevant, is keeping your phone in a place where it’s not exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture as either can damage your batteries and or phone.

Before you start looking for replacement BT phone handsets, check that you have replaced the batteries. Your phone will work as new with replacement batteries. So you do not need to buy a new phone and dispose of the current one. If you are buying an additional handset you will need batteries to fit in it upon delivery.

Here we have our questions and answers section where you can click on the topics you are interested in. You can see more detail in our Guides section.

  • How do I choose the correct cordless phone batteries, the important points here are the chemistry, Voltage, capacity and the configuration. Look at the existing cells in the case of AAA and you will normally see NiMh and a capacity of 550mAh or 750mAh. Then select the cells with this chemistry and a capacity closest to your original cells capacity.
  • I need some help on how to change or replace my cordless phone batteries.
  • Information about AAA Rechargeable Batteries can be found in guides and the AAA page along with discount pricing.
  • How do I replace the batteries in my phone handset.
  • We are often asked the question do you need special rechargeable batteries for cordless phones? Yes the capacity and construction are important.
  • If you are going away for a period and wish to switch of your devices while you are away then Switching off mains supply and my cordless phone battery should be considered. The handset will continue to draw power and will flatten the batteries. Simply remove them before you go and then replace them upon your return.
  • As with all rechargeable batteries it is worth while considering How to maximise the lifespan of cordless phone batteries. The first charge is important as well as not using an incorrect charging system.
  • If you wish to know What kind of batteries do cordless phones use then the chemistry, size, voltage and design are all important.
  • My Cordless Phone Battery Dies Quickly then it has probably reached the end of its useful life cycle  and will need to be replaced with new ones and the old batteries disposed of appropriately.
  • We are often asked how are AAA house phone batteries different. They are loosely wound when they are manufactured, this allows for trickle charging over prolonged periods. Remember not to use higher capacity cells as they will not charge properly and will therefor give poor performance when in use making calls.
  • When I replace the old worn out batteries in my phone or any other device I must adhere to best practice please see Recycling my Cordless Phone battery guide.
  • You can also find advice here from British Telecom when Recycling BT cordless phones and rechargeable batteries.
  • We sometimes get asked questions outside our normal product range such as: Should I Keep My Laptop Battery Plugged In All The Time? The answer is, you can but you should read more. 
  • Further reading in general about rechargeable batteries.

If you have any questions that you still would like help with after reading our information section then please email us and we will be happy to help. 

If you require a larger quantity than listed then please email us and we will be happy to provide a quotation. If your organisation does not use card payments then you can pay by Bank transfer. please email us your order and we will email a pro-forma invoice.


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