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Buy quality replacement rechargeable cordless phone handset batteries here. You can then be confident when making calls, that your phone will not let you down.

Benefit from low prices and a 3 year warranty. Also UK Royal Mail delivery from 98p to £ 1.25 or Free on larger orders. You can also find helpful guides and advice including articles on recycling. GMK Batteries® is a registered Brand.

Before you start looking for replacement BT phone handsets, check that you have replaced the batteries. Your phone will work as new with replacement batteries. So you do not need to buy a new phone and dispose of the current one. Get the best at the lowest prices here at GMK batteries® with high performance rechargeable cordless telephone batteries are also known as house phone batteries.

GMK Batteries® provide the best quality cordless telephone batteries. Buy telephone batteries that exceed the original batteries performance. We are based in the UK ensuring great customer service and fast delivery. We are PCI compliant.


Infapower Rechargeable Cordless Phone Handset Batteries

Tip 1: For AAA choose the capacity in (mAh) closest to the original AAA cells. Tip 2: Click on menu item for more detail including images or hover over the menu item for fast text. Tip 3: BT recommend replacing your cordless telephone rechargeable batteries every 12 months or when they are not holding charge. Our batteries will last longer than these providing up to 1000 cycles.

Customer comments.

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Why do I need to replace the cells in my cordless phone handset.

You will need to replace your telephone batteries because over a time the capacity of the batteries in your telephone handset will reduce as the number of charge cycles increases. You will notice the talk time getting shorter until eventually you will only be able to make short calls.

GMK Rechargeable Cordless Phone Handset Batteries

After you receive your new batteries it is important to charge them correctly. To do this open the battery compartment on the handset or handsets and look at the way the existing batteries are fitted. This is important as you must fit the new batteries the same way round.

This is also referred to as observing the polarity. Then remove the old batteries or battery and fit the new ones. Then place the handset on the base unit or satellite charging unit and leave to charge for 24 hours. You can make emergency calls after a few minutes. If you have multiple handsets you can leave one in general use while you charge the other handsets.

Then after the charge period you can use your cordless phone normally. It will take 3 to 4 charge cycles for the new cells to reach maximum capacity. For more on this and other relevant subjects please see the information section above. More interesting reading on telecommunications.


We offer the leading brands of replacement DECT cordless phone rechargeable batteries from GMK batteries® and Infapower batteries®. We stock high quality replacement NiMh rechargeable telephone batteries for all makes of phone. You can use the cross reference Find by MAKE and Model or the AAA Menu to find your AAA batteries.

If you require assistance finding your battery please email us and we will be delighted to help. We are able to offer exceptionally low prices for high quality branded products by operating efficiently online. For this reason and your added security we do not take orders by telephone. We will also be able to respond in more detail if you email us.

Can you use any Battery in my Phone?


When you are replacing rechargeable NiMH cordless telephone batteries, it is important to know that you are buying correct product and not an incompatible consumer product. Please remember not to use batteries that have not been designed for use in your cordless phone handset. (There are some models/brands that are the same please email for details).

Performance and Lifespan.

If you use a much higher capacity home phone batteries then they will not charge properly. This will result in poor performance and short lifespan. For the best results and long life of your cordless batteries, fit your new batteries in to the telephone handset and then place the handset on the base unit. This will be plugged in to the mains socket and then leave for 24 hours to charge. This is the first step in maintaining your cordless telephone rechargeable batteries. They will reach full capacity or performance after three or so charge discharge cycles.

It is also important not use a separate fast charger that you may have for charging consumer batteries to charge your new home phone battery. If you are sure that it is a slow charger and will take 10 hours or more, then you can use this type of charger.

All common sense precautions should be observed especially relevant is keeping your phone in a place where it’s not exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture as either can damage your batteries and or phone.

How Long do Rechargeable Batteries Last?

Because all NiMH rechargeable batteries including phone batteries and phone battery packs have a finite number of charge/discharge cycles. This will restrict the life span of the batteries. This is typically between 300 to 1000 cycles. This will also be affected by the initial charge and discharge rate and ratio. It is important to remember that the capacity and therefor the talk time will be reduced relative to the number of cycles. In conclusion when the talk time becomes too short then it is time to replace the batteries.

There are more cordless telephones being launched each year, we add new models on a regular basis. If however you cannot find your model then please email us and we will do our best to help.


If you’re telephone handset takes a different brand of battery you can rest assured that our high quality batteries will provide the best performance. This is often better than the original phone batteries fitted by the manufacturer. The reason for this is that the manufacturer will usually fit the cheapest available in order to reduce costs to assist in product placement. If the capacity differs from your original phone battery then choose the closest available. If in doubt please email us.

Information and Guides.

In our guides section you can read about recycling your original or old phone batteries. Or what to do if you wish to unplug your telephone base unit when you are away for an extended period such as a holiday. You can also find out about how to maximise the longevity or life span of your telephone batteries. There is helpful advice on how often you will need to replace your phone battery for best performance when making calls. You will also find helpful tips on how to choose the correct batteries for your phone. As mentioned if you have a question and the answer may be useful to other people then we will include an article in this section.


Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications Known as DECT is used primarily in cordless voice systems it has replaced the early systems of CT1 and CT2. GAP stands for generic access profile this allows different makes of handset such as BT and Panasonic to interconnect at a basic level. The new standard NG-DECT also known as CAT-iq will allow much greater interconnection allowing more features than just voice.

Most modern DECT cordless phones take NiMh AAA size batteries. It is important to use the correct chemistry and capacity when replacing the worn out cells in your telephone handset. Our GMK AAA cells also have a high pip + terminal specifically for cordless phones. This is included for better connection when the handset is being moved.  If you use a capacity that is much greater the cells will not charge properly and will also have a short lifespan. If you wish to know more about rechargeable batteries please see our dedicated rechargeable batteries page. If you require a large quantity of DECT telephone batteries please email us for a quotation.

Commitment to Service.

In addition to the above we also operate a simple returns policy. Please see terms page for more details. Also for advice on the correct disposal of your old batteries, please see our Recycling page. This is very important as you should not simply place your old battery in the household refuse as they may consequently end up in a landfill site.


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