Triple AAA Rechargeable Phone Batteries

Increase the performance and talk time of your cordless phone. Replace the original standard cells with LR3 AAA 750mAh rechargeable phone batteries.

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Showing all 10 results

These Rechargeable triple AAA 750mAh Batteries are a superior quality semi industrial product with a high pip for better connection.

The best choice of AAA cordless phone batteries are the ones with the capacity closest to your original AAA cordless phone batteries. The capacities shown are called nominal capacities, in practice they will work properly over a range of approximately 100mAh above and below the nominal capacity. You can read more on this by clicking on the product and then additional information.

You can change the quantity ordered in the Cart in order to maximise your discount.
These rechargeable AAA cordless phone batteries meet or exceed the performance of the original AAA cordless phone batteries fitted by the manufacturers.

The rechargeable AAA cordless phone batteries that we supply are manufactured to the highest standard. They are loosely wound which is the correct design for cordless phones. We supply Infapower AAA rechargeable telephone batteries and GMK AAA rechargeable telephone batteries.

Both brands are shipped first class Royal Mail. You can find useful information on our home page or in the articles section. If you require more information then please use our contact page.
In order to prolong the life of your AAA rechargeable telephone handset batteries please read the following:

Your AAA battery is charged during production in order to test it. Your battery will discharge between the end of the production and the moment you receive it. That is why your battery will have to be charged before you use it. You must use your cordless phone to charge your new AAA battery for 12 to 24 hours before using your phone, this will prolong the life of your battery.

Your AAA rechargeable telephone batteries will discharge slowly and progressively when not in use. The self discharge rate is about 1% of the battery's capacity per day at room temperature. The higher the temperature, the faster your battery will discharge. If you intend to leave your battery for a prolonged period without use then a service charge is recommended. Simply take in to account the self discharge rate and time between use. You can read more about how to maximise the lifespan of your new battery here.

Rather than supplying original AAA rechargeable telephone batteries, we supply top quality replacement batteries. Our Replacement Rechargeable AAA batteries have a three year warranty. They also represent excellent value and meet or exceed the original specifications. For disposal advice please see our recycling page.

Selecting the Best Cordless Phone Batteries.

When choosing the best battery for your cordless telephone you should consider the following. Select the ones that have a capacity in mAh closest to the original batteries that were supplied with the telephone. If there is a small difference of approximately 100mAh then they will work fine.

Also you should also consider the pip at the positive end of the cells. The GMK R BC101286 59H rechargeable cordless phone battery what is called a high pip. This means it protrudes further from the cell than other makes of battery. The reason for this is to insure the best contact and connection. In fact many phones were designed to have cells with this high pip. This is often the explanation when customers try many makes of batteries before finding one that will actually work.

You may also notice that many manufactures only offer a one year warranty. Our GMK batteries all have a three year warranty against manufacturer defects. We extend the warranty to three years on the Infapower products for our customers as they only a one year warranty. The next thing to consider is how old the stock is. NiMh batteries only have a short shelf life.

This is why you should only buy what you are going to fit to your phone and use. It is also why you should avoid end of line products or stock found on or in certain non-specialist websites or shops.

In conclusion when you receive the new AAA rechargeable telephone batteries you should follow the guidance and charge them for 24 hours before using your handset to make calls. For full details please refer to the articles above.