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Here you can find all our products including replacement Infapower cordless rechargeable phone batteries and our own brand GMK replacement cordless phone batteries.

New Replacement GMK and Infapower rechargeable phone batteries, get your replacement GMK and Infapower rechargeable phone batteries

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Showing all 19 results

Both brands of rechargeable phone batteries are manufactured to the highest standards.

If you know which battery fits your cordless telephone then you can select it here. You can also use our FIND BY BRAND page to select your make and model of cordless phone. You will then get conformation as to which GMK or Infapower rechargeable cordless phone batteries fit your phone. Please see our Articles page for details on Recycling your old cordless telephone battery and useful tips on such as How to maximise the lifespan of batteries. Thank you for choosing GMK Batteries the leading cordless phone battery internet retailer in the UK.

Please remember to charge your new battery for 24 hours in the handset before using your cordless telephone. It will reach full capacity after 3 or 4 subsequent cycles. This will insure maximum longevity/lifespan and capacity/talk-time.

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