BINATONE Cordless Phone Batteries

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We supply replacement Binatone cordless phone batteries. Get your new Binatone cordless phone batteries here.

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Showing all 11 results

Here you can find the correct replacement Binatone cordless phone batteries for your phone by selecting the model from below. This covers from the Activity 1000 phone to the Veva 1520 range. Please remember to increase the quantity that you need for multiple handsets in the shopping cart. If your existing phone Batteries are NiCad then these have now been superseded with Nickel Metal Hydride technology. Always remember to initially charge your new Batteries for 12 to 24 hours in the handset on the base unit, before making or receiving calls. You will also benefit from a very impressive three year warranty.

More information including recycling your original Binatone cordless rechargeable phone batteries.

Remember to properly charge in your telephone handset on the base unit for 24 hours your new BINATONE replacement cordless phone batteries. This is important for the first time charge, when you change your old or original batteries for new replacement NiMh batteries.