BINATONE EASY TOUCH Cordless Phone Batteries

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We supply Binatone Easy Touch Cordless phone batteries, find your Binatone Easy Touch Cordless phone batteries here.

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BINATONE Cordless Phone Batteries

Please select your model or range of Binatone cordless phone from the list below:

Here you can select from the two models of the Binatone Easy Touch phone, and then you will find the best branded replacement batteries that can be ordered and delivered without delay. Get the original performance for a low cost. The now out-dated less environmentally friendly NiCad cell packs have been superseded by the modern equivalent NiMh rechargeable battery packs. These are built to the highest standards and have a higher energy density that results in a greater capacity. This means your phone will have a longer talk time. Please be certain when fitting to observe the polarity and charge for 24 hours initially before using your cordless telephone. Here we list models: BINATONE EASY TOUCH 100, EASY TOUCH 200 Cordless Phones.

More information including recycling your original cordless rechargeable phone batteries.

Remember to properly charge in your telephone handset on the base unit for 24 hours your new BINATONE EASY TOUCH replacement cordless phone batteries. This is important for the first time charge, when you change your old or original batteries for new replacement NiMh batteries.