BT 7600 Cordless Phone Batteries

BT 7600 Cordless Phone batteries, get your new replacement BT 7600 Cordless Phone batteries here with fast delivery.

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Showing all 2 results

BT Cordless Phone Batteries

BT cordless phone batteries are listed by model of phone after this the products are shown. Please scroll down to select your model of BT DECT phone. Benefit from great performance with longer talk time than the original standard cells at low prices and with a great warranty. The BT manual recommends replacing your BT handset batteries with AAA 550mAh or AAA 750mAh cordless phone Batteries every 12 months. Our batteries will last for a great deal longer.

Your BT 7600 is a home phone including call blocking technology. This is designed to stop nuisance phone calls by blocking certain types of calls, such as those from international or withheld numbers, and silently routing them to the answer machine at their cost. The phone follows in the path of the extremely popular BT 6500 and is nice to use with good talk time. In order to maximise performance  remember to charge your new batteries in the handset on the base unit for twenty four hours before making or receiving calls, they will reach peak performance after 3 to 6 charges.

More information including recycling BT cordless phones and rechargeable batteries.

Remember to properly charge in your telephone handset on the base unit for 24 hours your new BT 7600 replacement cordless phone batteries. This is important for the first time charge, when you change your old or original batteries for new replacement NiMh batteries.