CABLE and WIRELESS Cordless Phone Batteries

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We supply replacement CABLE and WIRELESS Cordless Phone Batteries. Get your CABLE and WIRELESS Cordless Phone Batteries here with fast shipping.

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Showing all 9 results

We stock Infapower and GMK product ranges to replace your existing CABLE and WIRELESS Batteries. Both makes have a three your warranty and will provide excellent performance for many years. When you select your model of phone you may find that your current battery does not have the same chemical symbol shown. This is because all modern replacements are Nickel metal-hydride offering greater capacity and, in comparison very little pollution. After you have added your choice of replacement Cable and Wireless phone batteries to the shopping cart you can increase the quantity if you have more than one handset. First class delivery will insure timely arrival and a 36 month warranty piece of mind. From the CWD 1000 to the CWR 900 your phone can enjoy a new lease of life when you install and charge your new replacement Cable and Wireless phone batteries. Here we list models: CWD 250, CWD 600, CWD 650, CWD 700, CWD 1000, CWD 2000, CWD 2500, CWD 2600, CWD 2700, CWD 3000, CWD 4000, CWD 4100, CWR 100, CWR 200, CWR 300, CWR 400, CWR 500, CWR 600, CWR 700, CWR 800, CWR 900, CWR 2200 cordless phones.

More information including recycling your old cordless rechargeable phone batteries.

Remember to properly charge in your telephone handset on the base unit for 24 hours your new CABLE and WIRELESS replacement cordless phone batteries. This is important for the first time charge, when you change your old or original batteries for new replacement NiMh batteries.