Maplin Cordless Phone Batteries

Maplin cordless phone batteries were the Infapower cordless phone battery range. The prices were typically £ 11.99 here you can find the whole range of Infapower and GMK Batteries cordless phone batteries at great prices. Please find your Maplin cordless phone below:

Maplin cordless phone batteries from Infapower and GMK Batteries available here. Get your Maplin cordless phone batteries here with fast delivery.

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Showing all 16 results

Maplin Electronic was established in 197. It was a small mail order business by Roger and Sandra Allen and Doug Simmons. The company started in a bedroom at in Rayleigh, Essex.

They placed a small advertisement in an electronics magazine, and printed the company's 28 page brochure, which they offered free to potential customers. After a slow start and dwindling profit in the first year, the company created a reputation for offering first grade electronic components that are delivered exactly as shown in there brochure by first class post. The range included Maplin cordless phone batteries.