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Can you use any rechargeable battery in a cordless phone? If you are replacing rechargeable AAA NiMh cordless telephone batteries, it is important to know that you are buying proper rechargeable AAA cordless phone batteries and not incompatible consumer rechargeable AAA batteries. Please remember not to use batteries that have not been designed for use in your cordless phone handset.

Buy the best rechargeable NiMh AAA batteries for cordless telephone handsets.

We supply the best rechargeable AAA NiMh batteries for cordless phones. When our cordless telephone batteries are manufactured they are done so to the highest standards. One crucial part of the process is that they are loosely wound. This means that they can be left in the handset on the base unit indefinitely. Don’t buy cheap cordless phone batteries/home phone batteries buy the best for less. Click here for our full range of AAA NiMh rechargeable batteries for cordless phones.

More advice on best practice for maintaining your rechargeable cordless phone batteries or telephone handset battery pack.

If you use a higher capacity home phone batteries then they will not charge properly. This will result in poor performance and short lifespan. For the best results and long life of your cordless cordless phone batteries, fit your new batteries in to the telephone handset and then place the handset on the base unit. This will be plugged in to the mains socket and then leave for 12 to 24 hours to charge. This is the first step in maintaining your cordless telephone rechargeable batteries.

It is also important not use a separate charger that you may have for charging consumer batteries to charge your new home phone battery. This is because It may damage your new cordless phone battery and invalidate the manufactures warranty. The new cordless telephone battery should be charged in the handset by placing it on the base unit or handset charger station.

All common sense precautions should be observed especially relevant is keeping your cordless phone in a place where it’s not exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture as either can damage your wireless phone batteries and or phone.

Because all NiMh rechargeable batteries including cordless phone batteries and cordless phone battery packs have a finite number of charge/discharge cycles. This will restrict the life span of the batteries. And is typically between 300 to 1000 cycles. This will also be affected by the initial charge and discharge rate and ratio. Therefor, the more closely you follow our guidance the more you are likely to achieve 1000 cycles. It is important to remember that the capacity and therefor the talk time will be reduced relative to the number of cycles. In conclusion when the talk time becomes too short then it is time to replace the batteries.

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Because more cordless telephones are frequently launched, we add new models on a regular basis. If however you cannot find your model then please email us and we will do our best to help. Please see our full cross reference of wireless telephone batteries.

The Best Replacement Cordless Phone Batteries or NiMh wireless telephone handset batteries.

If you’re cordless phone handset takes a different brand of cordless phone batteries you can rest assured that our high quality rechargeable NiMh AAA cordless phone batteries will provide the best performance often better than the original cordless phone batteries fitted by the manufacturer. This is because the manufacturer will usually fit the cheapest available in order to reduce costs to assist in product placement. If the capacity differs from your original cordless phone battery then choose the closest available. If in doubt please email us.

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Furthermore you can read about recycling your original or old cordless phone batteries. Or what to do if you wish to unplug your telephone base unit when you are away for a extended period such as a holiday. You can also find out about how to maximise the longevity or life span of your telephone batteries. There is helpful advice on how often you will need to replace your cordless phone battery for best performance when making calls. You will also find helpful tips on how to choose the correct batteries for your phone. As mentioned if you have a question and the answer may be useful to other people then we will include an articles in this section.

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Articles about replacement cordless phone rechargeable batteries.

Here you will find helpful articles giving advice on best practice in order to get the most from your new replacement rechargeable cordless phone batteries.

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The most important procedure to follow when you receive your new rechargeable cordless phone battery is to observe the polarity. When fitting the batteries or battery pack to the handset observe the existing batteries and fit the new ones the same way round. Then in order to maximise overall lifespan or longevity the first charge is very important. So, charge the batteries by placing the handset on the base unit for 24 hours without interruption. If you only have one handset then place on charge overnight for as long as practical up to 24 hours.

After this initial charge the batteries will then reach full capacity after three to four normal duty cycles. Please do not charge your telephone batteries in a normal domestic battery charger as it may charge them too quickly and cause damage to the new batteries.

In our guides section we have covered subjects including British Telecoms recycling service, advice on changing or replacing your batteries, what you should do if you are away and wish to switch of the mains power. Also how to choose the correct battery, the frequency that you ill need to change your batteries, short duty times for your battery, how to get the longest lifespan from your telephone batteries. And also what makes our AAA telephone batteries different and finally Recycling cordless phone batteries other than BT.
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December 2016

The Chinese consumer watchdog has demanded that Apple replace all their faulty batteries

In recent news Further to Apple’s commitment to replace battery for certain iPhone models, the government-backed China Consumers Association said that a wider range of iPhones have also encountered shutdown issues and as a result of this has demanded Apple to solve them.

In a new discovery A Diamond battery made from nuclear waste will last 5,000 years

Leading British researchers have discovered that nuclear waste can be transformed into radioactive black diamonds that can be used as batteries lasting thousands of years.

The scientists behind the discovery say that it tackles the problems of nuclear decommissioning, clean electricity generation and battery life. The batteries might last 5,000 years, powering equipment such as pacemakers and spacecraft components that need to last for long periods with total reliability.

Software-Defined Batteries

The different battery chemistry types available perform better in different ways, such as energy density, cost, peak power, recharge-time, life-span, and efficiency. Mobile system designers are inhibited by existing technology, and are forced to select a single chemistry that best meets their varied needs and therefor compromising other needed features.

A Software Defined Battery (SDB), which allows system designers to integrate batteries of different chemistry types. SDB uses application programming interfaces (APIs) to the operating system, which controls the amount of charge flowing in and out of each battery. This enables it to dynamically trade off one battery property for another. This will depend on both application and user needs.

By utilizing micro benchmarks from a prototype SDB enactment, and through detailed simulations, it can be demonstrated that it is possible to combine batteries which individually excel along different axes. This will deliver enhanced collective performance in comparison to traditional battery packs.