aaa rechargeable batteriesAAA Rechargeable Batteries for Cordless Phones and remote controls.

We supply AAA rechargeable batteries for cordless phones and remote controls. When you need to replace your AAA batteries in your cordless phone handsets or remote controls it is important to select high quality rechargeable cells that are specifically designed for the purpose. Our GMK battery brand AAA 750mAh cell has a high pip for better contact. They are also loosely wound which means they can be left on charge in the handsets on the base unit or charging station indefinitely. See full range of AAA rechargeable batteries for cordless Phones.

BT recommend changing their brand of batteries every 12 months. We have had customers be amazed that when they checked their invoice date they had been using the GMK Batteries cells for 8 years or more. For full information on haw long aaa rechargeable high quality batteries last when used correctly click hear.

Most makes of AAA batteries that are offered for cordless phones quote the nominal capacity. Our batteries have a minimum capacity of 750mAh and a nominal capacity of 800mAh. They are an excellent replacement for the standard cells fitted by the manufacturers. They are the best solution for all digital cordless phones and will give many years of excellent service.

This is how we are able to offer a three year no defects warranty. The industry standard is one year. When you receive your high quality rechargeable batteries also known as LR3 it is important to charge them in the handset on the base unit for 24 hours before making calls. They will reach maximum capacity and therefore full performance including long talk time after three charge discharge cycles. You can read more about this in our Guides pages.

GMK cordless Phone Batteries® is a registered trademark with the intellectual patents office. You can view our customer comments in order to see that we have many satisfied customers. You can also find helpful advice and information in our Guides section, for general information about rechargeable batteries see this article.

You can also find general information regarding rechargeable batteries here.

You may also wish to power other low current household items such remote controls for your T.V. etc. You can charge our batteries in a standard slow charger that takes approximately 10 hours to charge the cells from a discharged state. Do not use a fast charger that only takes 1 to 4 hours as the cells are not designed for this. You can also use your cordless phone handset to charge the batteries so you do not need a separate charger.

In this sort of application (remote controls) you will get around 1000 charge discharge cycles of several months. This means you will have many years of use and save hundreds of pounds. compared to alkaline none rechargeable batteries also known as primary cells.

There will also be approximately 1000 sets of primary cells that do not have to be recycled. Please see our recycling page for more information.