Choosing the correct cordless phone batteries explained: 

  1. Chemistry: Most cordless phones use Nickel metal hydride (NiMh) rechargeable batteries. When you are choosing the correct cordless phone batteries you can check this by the notation on your existing batteries. Do not use a different chemistry.
  2. Voltage: All NiMh batteries are 1.2 Volts per cell. Do not use 1.5 Volt none rechargeable batteries.
  3. Capacity: Choose the capacity closest to your original batteries. We show the working capacity range on our product pages under Additional Information.
  4. If you are not sure then please email us and we will send you a link to the correct product on our site or direct you to a site were the product is available.

Further reading:

I recently read an article on an advice website where a phone battery customer had purchased 1200mAh cordless phone batteries to replace the 750mAh batteries that were provided with the phone by the original equipment manufacturers (O.E.M). The batteries had not worked properly in the phone and the customer had gone back to using the worn but still functioning original batteries.Choosing the correct cordless Phone Battery

The reason that the replacements had not worked is because they may not have been designed specifically for cordless phones. Also the capacity was too high for the phones charger to charge them properly. So take care when choosing the correct cordless phone batteries.

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Here is a guide by the London economic on what batteries do cordless phones take.

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By G. Moore BSc (Hons) 31/01/2021