Do you need special rechargeable batteries for cordless phones?

If you are asking “do you need special rechargeable batteries for cordless phones” then the answer is: yes you do need special rechargeable batteries for cordless phones. They are loosely wound so that they can be placed on charge¬†indefinitely without overheating. It is also important to use cordless phone batteries with a capacity range closest to the original cordless phone batteries fitted in the handset. If you use normal rechargeable batteries with a high capacity, they will not charge properly. Click here to view rechargeable NiMh AAA cordless phone batteries with price breaks.

Do you need special rechargeable batteries for cordless phonesWhat type of batteries should I use in my cordless phone?

The type of batteries that you should use in cordless phones has changed. If your cordless telephone has a Ni-Cad battery then these have now been replaced with NiMh battery packs. In this case the capacity will be higher however due to the way the charging circuit worked in these older phones they will work properly. please see Choosing the Correct Cordless Phone Batteries.

What are the best rechargeable batteries for cordless phones?

The best rechargeable batteries for cordless phones are as can be seen from the image shown on this page, batteries which have a high pip at the positive terminal. This is to make a better connection in the handset battery compartment. The reason for this is that the handset is moved around frequently and also picked up and put down on a regular basis. Our cordless phone batteries have a 3 year no defects warranty.

The capacity of rechargeable cordless phone batteries decreases as the number of charge discharge cycles increases. This will have the affect of reducing the talk time. When the shorter talk time becomes inconvenient, it is time to change the batteries.

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What to do with your old cordless phone batteries? or how should I dispose of my original cordless phone batteries. Please read: Recycling a Cordless Phone Battery

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