How are AAA house phone batteries different. AAA rechargeable Batteries are used in many phones in the UK. It is important, to use batteries that are specifically designed for home telephones to insure proper function without failure.

Home cordless phone AAA batteries differ from standard consumer AAA batteries, by being loosely wound. This means they can stay on the base unit for prolonged periods without overheating.
The other problem with not using rechargeable phone batteries is that, standard consumer AAA batteries are often higher in capacity and will not charge properly.Article how are AAA house phone batteries different

We offer replacement phone batteries from Infapower® and our own GMK® brand. Both of these products will give excellent performance and longevity. The batteries fitted by the manufacturer may have a lower performance. This would be due to reducing manufacturing costs. 

The number of times you can charge a good quality AAA phone battery is 500 to 1000 cycles. To cycle a battery means to charge and then discharge by using the device. It is very important to follow the recommendations that can be found on our Home page and in this Articles section.

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It is common practice to try and obtain, the original AAA cordless phone Batteries that the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) supplied with your phone. This is not always a good idea as there is a great emphasis placed on product price competition. This can result in the best replacement phone batteries not being specified or supplied.

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By G. Moore BSc (Hons) 22/06/2001