How Do I Change or Replace Phone Handset Batteries.

When you need to change or replace phone batteries, it is recommended that before you actually remove the battery,  you either have an alternative phone available or you can identify the battery without removal in order to procure a replacement.

Step 1 – Before you change or replace your old batteries identify which replacement rechargeable phone handset batteries you require.

The easy way to identify which battery you require is to use the cross reference on our Home page. This covers most of the popular cordless phones by make and model. If this does not suffice then you will need to do the following or email us with the make and model of phone and we will identify it for you.

The battery is enclosed in the handset usually with an easy to slide, open cover. Carefully open this and look for codes on the battery. If the phone handset uses AA or AAA cells then you will need cells that are specifically designed for phones and within the charging range of the phone. Please see our 12H cordless phone battery page for AA and our 59H cordless phone battery page for AAA cells.

If the handset has a battery pack consisting of several cells covered with shrink wrap and a lead (wires) and one or t


wo plugs, then you will need to identify which battery you require. The battery pack will often have a three digit code with two numbers and one letter.Cordless Phone Battery

The letter denotes the chemistry C for NiCad and H for NiMh, and the number identifies the configuration or model. In many cases NiMh can replace NiCad. So if your battery pack has any of the numbers listed on the pages listed on our home page then click on the page and you will be able to compare the Voltage capacity and also look at the picture to determine if the battery pack is the same shape.

Step 2 – Change the old rechargeable phone handset batteries or battery pack with the replacements.

In the case of AA and AAA phone batteries, the only concern is that you make sure the cells are the correct way around. Providing the phone was working all be it for a short time then you know that the existing batteries were the correct way round and you can simply copy which end has the pip (+) and the flat end (-). The case or the inside of the battery compartment should also have a diagram with the positive (+) and negative ends shown.

In the case of phone battery packs with a lead and plug(s) you must remove the old battery making sure you make a note of which wire went on which terminal. The positive wire will be red and the negative will be black. This is very important as the writing on the circuit board (if any) will be very small often concealed and hard to read. It is a good idea to do a diagram.

Step 3 – Best practices for charging your replacement phone handset batteries.

Once you have changed the battery(s) for the new ones, you must place the handset on the base unit and leave it to charge for 24 hours. This is very important as it will help determine the overall lifespan or longevity of your new phone batteries. For further details please see our phone batteries best practice page.

Step 4 – Disposal of your old phone handset battery.

After you have fitted your replacement cordless phone batteries, it is very important that you do not dispose of your old battery in the rubbish bin. This is because rubbish is often disposed of in landfill sites and some of the chemicals notably cadmium contained in NiCad cells and battery pack is highly poisonous. For full details please see our Recycling page.

We hope this article has been useful. If you wish for us to add more information or you have additional advice that you would like us to include, then please leave a comment. Thank you.

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By G. Moore BSc (Hons) 22/06/2002