How to Maximize the Lifespan of Cordless Phone Batteries.

Lifespan of rechargeable phone batteries will be dramatically reduced if they are fitted incorrectly. In the case of loose cells such as AAA or AA size the positive end is marked with a + and has a pip contact, there is also usually a spring contact in the handset for the negative end of the cell. In the case of battery packs with leads and either a single or two individual plugs, observe how the old battery is connected in order to identify which pins the red and black wires are connected to and copy.

How long do cordless phone batteries last?How to maximise the lifespan of cordless phone batteriess Last

So the red wire goes where the old red wire went and the black wire goes where the old black wire went. Do not assume that the plugs will always be correct as some models had a change of plug polarity for the same model. In short always observe the polarity:

How long should I charge my cordless phone battery?Maximize Lifespan of my cordless phone batteries

Increasing lifespan starts with the first charge.

The first charge is very important to maximise lifespan; do not charge your replacement  cordless telephone batteries in separate charger. For best results when you receive your batteries place them in the handset and place the handset on the base unit and leave on charge for at least 24 hours without interruption.

You can use a separate phone or if your phone has more than one handset replace the cordless telephone batteries and charge one handset at a time. If you only have one phone handset then charge overnight.

Only buy sufficient replacement telephone batteries for immediate use as Ni-Mh batteries have a short shelf life.

If you wish to disconnect the mains power from the base unit perhaps because you are going on holiday, then take the batteries out of the handset as they will be discharged and may suffer damage during your holiday.

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By G. Moore BSc (Hons) 22/06/2001