My Cordless Phone Battery Dies Quickly or, why do batteries keep running low on my cordless phone.

The question “my cordless phone battery dies quickly” is a popular one. This is possibly because they are rechargeable batteries and as such have a finite life. Put another way rechargeable batteries become worn out after a finite number of charging and discharging cycles. The capacity or useful operating time will also reduce as the number of cycle’s increases.

For best practice on how to maximise the overall lifespan and talk time please see our Guides.My Cordless Phone Battery Dies Quickly

If your cordless phone not holding charge or you wish to know why My Cordless Phone Battery Dies Quickly and what will happen.

So if you find yourself asking the question my phone battery dies quickly then it is more than likely that the battery is over two years old and has been slowly loosing capacity for some time. The cordless phone may also switch of or go dead without warning; this can be most irritating whilst making a telephone call.

When you replace your phone battery it may be the case that the handset takes a battery pack that is unique for that particular model, consisting of two or three cells and a lead with a plug. In this case you are unlikely to purchase a pack made up with inappropriate or consumer cells. However if your cordless phone handset takes AA or AAA size phone batteries then consumer cells will fit. They will however not charge or work correctly.

You can find the correct replacement rechargeable batteries for your cordless phone by:

Scroll down the Home page and select by battery number or make and model of phone.

Use the Quick Find drop down list in order to select your make and model Find by Brand.

We hope this will resolve the problem my cordless phone battery dies quickly/fast.

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By G. Moore BSc (Hons) 22/06/2005

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