Replacement BT Phone Handsets.

We are often asked if we can supply replacement BT phone handsets. This is usually because the NiMh rechargeable batteries in the handset have reached the end of their useful lifespan. All BT cordless phone handsets that take AAA 750mAh or 550 mAh batteries and will require replacement handset batteries, every 500 to 1000 cycles or every 1 to 5 years. If you have lost or broken your BT phone handset then you can find replacement handsets online. Please see Discount communications Ltd. Most new cordless phone handsets are now supplied without batteries. You can buy your batteries here and be sure of the best quality and performance.

When you need to replace your BT handset batteries you will need to remove the back of the handset. It is not obvious that the back of the handset can be removed. On closer inspection you will see a seam between the main body of the handset and the back of the handset.

So how do I replace the batteries in my Replacement BT phone handset.

Replacement BT handsets
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In order to replace the AAA NiMh batteries in your BT handset you will need to remove the back. The method varies from handset to handset and there are too many to include individually. However there are several common types of fixings.

  1. A small slit in one lower corner of the handset can be levered with a thin tool such as a nail file. This will release the back showing the batteries.
  2. The back is pushed or slid from bottom to top.BT Halo Cordless Phone Handset Batteries
  3. The handset is squeezed and slid as above.

If in doubt a local electronics shop such as Curry’s PC world or independentsĀ  will be able to do this for you.

When you have successfully removed the back you will see the batteries. Most modern cordless phones use the AAA 750 mAh replacement handset batteries. Be sure to make note of which way round they are fitted as it is essential to observe the polarity. The positive (pip and) will be positioned on a metal contact and the negative flat end of the cell we have a spring connection.

When you receive your new batteries from GMK cordless phone batteriesĀ® push the flat end of the cell against the spring and then push the pip end in against the metal contact.

We hope this article has been a useful guide. If you need more advise or if you would like me to add more information on BT cordless phone handsets then please email me.

Always be sure to charge your BT replacement handset batteries on the base unit for 16 to 24 hours before use. You can of course make an emergency call at any time after a few minutes charge or by re fitting the old batteries.