Switching off mains supply and my cordless phone battery advice for all makes of phone:

If you are switching off mains supply connected to your phone base unit, perhaps while you go on holiday, it is advisable to also remove the rechargeable phone batteries from the handset.

This is because the handset will continue to use or flattenswitching off mains supply the phone batteries when the mains supply is disconnected.

It does this by repeatedly trying to re-establish contact with the now disconnected base unit.

Also if this continues until one or more of the cells go flat then the first cell at zero volts will be charged in reverse polarity by the other partly charged cells causing permanent failure. For more advise please see our Home page and Guides page.

Here you can find advice on disposal or recycling of your old battery.


By G. Moore BSc (Hons) 22/07/2001