What kind of batteries do cordless phones use?

If you are seeking the answer to what kind of batteries do cordless phones use? It is important to use the correct batteries in your cordless phone handset. If your cordless phone has a pack of two or three cells then please use our cross reference by make and model of cordless phone to find the correct pack. If you cordless phone takes AA or AAA cordless phone batteries then it is important to use batteries with the correct capacity measured in mAh. What kind of batteries do cordless phones use?

We stock 650mAh, 700mAh and 750mAh. The capacity is the nominal capacity and in practice batteries will operate within a tolerance or range around the nominal capacity. This can be found at the product level on our website. They also have a high pip positive terminal for a better connection.

Simply choose the cordless phone batteries that have a capacity closest to your original batteries. If you do not know the capacity then opt for the mid range 700mAh cells.

If you require further information please email us and we shall be delighted to help.

By G. Moore BSc (Hons) 22/06/2001