T001 04 Phone Handset Battery Pack x 1 Infapower®


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This Infapower T001 04 Cordless Phone Battery is also known as the 04 cordless phone battery, has a three year warranty, and is made using 3x 1/2 AA cells.

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All our replacement cordless phone batteries including the 04H (PT4 BC100686 BC101692) are manufactured to the best standards. They will provide years of outstanding service. It is important to charge your new Infapower T001 04 Cordless Phone Battery for 24 hours without intermission in order to gain the maximum performance from your cordless telephone. You can read more on this and other associated subjects in our articles section.

Additional information

Weight0.30 kg

GMK Batteries

Capacity Nominal



3.6 Volts


GMK101692, Uniross BC101692, 04C, PT4, 86C, PT100686, 04H, BC101692, GP T107, GP T157, GP T242, GP T254, GP T279, GP T343,  GP30AAKBMU, GP30AAK3BMX, GP60AAH3BMX, GP30AAK3BMJ, GP40AAK3BMU, GP40AAK3BMX, GP30AAK3BMS, GP40AAK3BMJ, GP75AAH3BMU, GP60AAH3BMU, GP30AAK3BMU, 60AAH3BMX, 30AAK3BMJ, 40AAK3BMU, 40AAK3BMX, 40AAK3BMJ, 30AAK3BMX, 30AAKBMU, 30AAK3BMS, 75AAH3BMU, 60AAH3BMU, 30AAK3BMU, E24H, Varta T301, Varta T385, Varta T388, Varta T390, ACCU-T416, ACCU-T0416, HHR-P301, CPB-8013, P-P301, PP301, KX-A36A, E10N, CP020, CO100P2, P-P301PA1B, CP-3H02, P-P341PA/1B, 2505CC, CPB-403B, P3302, DRCB10, PCH02, KP029, GN-3-1/2AACP, STB-124, 560508, TA248, KXA-36A, TL-6156, NC-T2/3AB, TL6156, BP-T16, P-P301, TP-3 1/2AAT-B, BT-185, P-P301PA/1B, P-P301PT, BT-161, BT-185, BT-434, CTA885, BP-T16, TRB-6500, SANYO 3N 350AAC, Energizer CP05U

Capacity Working Range







3 Years

Approx Size

30 mm by 30 mm


Answercall: Apollo, CT100, CT500
Audioline: CDL150, FF555, FF788, FF893
Binatone: Airlink 8, 80, 600, 800
Betacom: Discovery, Quest, Roma
BT: Freestyle 50, 60, 70, 75, 80, 90, 100, 120, 130, 300+, 320, 320+, 520, 600, 1000, 1025, 1050, 1100, 1200, 1500, Quartet 1000, 1100, 1500, 2010, 2015, 2020, Verve 100
Bush: 201
Cable & Wireless: CWR100, CWR200, CWR300, CWR400, CWR500, CWR600, CWR700, CWR800, CWR900
Casio: 2500
Emerson: TEC 3000
Geemarc: Atlanta 100, 150, 200, Caracas 1000, 2000, 3000, Miami, Phoenix
General Electric: 2-9630A
Modulophone: CM15, CS20
Morphy Richards: Additions 1, Additions 2, TX 550, TX-581, TX 582
Opedys: 36
Panasonic: 37, 38, 1005, KX-A36A, KX-T3610, KX-T3611, KX-T3620, KX-T3621, KX-T3640, KX-T3705, KX-T3710, KX-T3720, KX-T3725, KX-T3730, KX-T3800, KX-T3805, KX-T3807, KX-T3816, KX-T3820, KX-T3822, KX-T3823, KX-T3824, KX-T3832, KX-T3848, KX-T3850, KX-T3855, KX-T3860, KX-T3870, KX-T3875, KX-T3880, KX-T3900, KX-T3910, KX-T3920, KX-T3930, KX-T3932, KX-T3935, KX-T3940, KX-T3950, KX-T3960, KX-T3965, KX-T3980, KX-T4035, KX-T4050, KX-T4060, KX-T4065, KX-T4200, KX-T4300, KX-T4330, KX-T4340, KX-T4350, KX-T4370, KX-T4400, KX-T4600, KX-TC1005
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Sharp: CLA 400E
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South Western Bell: FF700, 750, 760, 770, 777, 780, 790, 800, 880, 884, 888, 889, 890, 894, 895, 896, 899, 900, 901
Toshiba: FT-6002, FT6003/BK, FT-6203, FT-6303, FT6400W, FT-6503, FT-6603
Uniden: XC-310, XC-315, XC-320, XC-340, CT-301