550mAh AAA Phone Handset Battery Infapower x 1

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This Infapower T004 Cordless Phone Battery is also known as the 59 cordless phone battery and has a three year warranty and consists of 1 x AAA Loose cells.

Please note that your handset will take 2 or 3 cells you can increase the number of cells in the Cart to the quantity that you require for each handset multiplied by the number of handsets.

Voltage: 1.2 Volts per cell

Capacity Nominal: 650mAh

Capacity Working Range: 600mAh to 750mAh

Chemistry: NiMh

Connector: Pip

Warranty 3 Years

SKU: Infapower T004


Replacement Infapower T004 59 AAA Battery Single Cell Loose.

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